LogoQR-hjwaWhat is a QR or Quick Response Code?

A QR Code or Quick Response code is a multi-dimensional code that is scanned into a smart phone to give the user instant access to information.

Embedded within the code are links to pages that inform, reward or motivate our visitors.

Unlike static codes, this dynamic code can be re-programmed for multiples uses.

We are putting our QR code in places that would be convenient for our clients to use, such as business cards, magazine and newspaper ads, flyers, church newsletters, etc., With your smart phone you now have an immediate tether to Alabama Social Work Services.

In order to take advantage of our QR Code, you will need a Smart Phone, such as an iPhone, Android, etc. or a note pad that has a built in camera, and an App such as ScanLife for Apple or I-nigma for Blackberry.

When a person scans the QR code with their smart phone, they are instantly taken to one of our pages that offers a variety of services.

What Do You See On Your Phone?

These samples show mobile pages that the QR Code presents and how each Icon can receive a customizable code to guide you to specific pages, ranging from email to maps to movies.

Alabama Social Work Services

Alabama Social Work Services


We often customize the buttons you would like to use for your added convenience.

The map button will open Google maps.

The email icon allows you to email us right from your phone.

The red phone icon dials Tyler Simmons direct number.

Follow us on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

There is even a button for special announcements that may publish for events regarding your topics of special interest.