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Welcome to the Alabama Social Work blog portion of our new website. We hope that the added functionality and improved ease of use will make your task of finding the information you need about Adoption Home Studies, Birth Parent Interviews or Child Custody Evaluations less challenging.  Alabama Social Work Services is a professional service  directly provided by social worker, Tyler Simmons, to clients who are in the west and central Alabama areas. 

Check with us first when you have concerns about adoptions.

Tyler is an adoptive parent.  He understands the process and how you feel going through it. While the home study process may seem arduous at times, it is the best way to help families assess and prepare themselves for their adoption.

Friends and family can be confused and, at times, erratic in their thinking about all that is involved in adoption.

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We can help you dispel the fear, correct common errors and focus upon what we believe to be an important event in your life.

Please contact us with questions about how things are done, how much they should cost or things you have heard from friends or relatives that just don’t ring true.


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