Adoption Home Study

What is a Home Study?

Adoption Home Study

Adoption Home Study

The adoption home study is a detailed written report of your family, compiled and prepared by a social worker.  

The adoptive home study is a required legal step in any family’s adoption process.  The study requires the prospective adoptive family to gather different documents, answer prepared questions, and explore their reasons for adopting.

Through a series of visits and interviews the social worker gathers information on the suitability of the family to adopt a child.  This information is then compiled, in a comprehensive report, to show the family is prepared to adopt.

Clients of Alabama Social Work Services can feel free to always work at their own comfortable pace throughout the process. 

The home study process can take up to 3 to 4 months due to the time it takes to gather needed documents and to complete background checks.   

While this all may seem stressful, the home study is most often a helpful part of the adoptive process, for it helps a family to look within themselves to adequately prepare to bring a child into their home.

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